This is What You Do This Summer If You Hate the Heat

40 Things to Do This Summer If You Hate the Heat


Summertime opens up the opportunity for spending more time outside. That’s great if you like that sort of thing, but what if you can’t stand the heat? being outside is not your ideal for having fun this season. The weather is too sweaty.

Beaches and ballparks aren’t for everyone. But just because you prefer cooler climes, you can still stay comfortable and have some fun.

The hot, sultry, humid, dog days of summer are here, and all one can do is think of any way to get relief from the boredom of sitting inside and the heat from outside. 

The pool has turned into a hot tub, and many people feel like sweating while eating and a movie in a cool basement. This sounds more civilized than sweltering outdoors.

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