Make These 40 Lifestyle Changes When You're 40

Add years to your life and have fun while you’re at it
40 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make After 40

Getting old is not a punishment, but you have to make some minor adjustments. Aside from the healthy changes that need to occur – stop smoking, start eating vegetables and exercise more – certain lifestyle habits should be adopted. This is how getting older has actual perks.[slideshow:104671]

Now that you’re behind all the drama of your younger years – you are probably more confident and feel like you have a purpose – it’s time to start benefiting. Acquire better and more fun habits now because they will catch up to you later. Reap the rewards instead of seeing signs of premature aging.  

Turning 40 is a big deal; after all, you are reaching middle age status. These are the years during which your physical and mental health, interests, sleep, and responsibilities go through significant changes. And you may be shocked how quickly that will happen.

The simple answer to what makes people feel young is nutrition, exercise, stress management, rest, hydration, inspiring work, and meaningful friendships. These are the basics of longevity, but the reality is a little more complex and a lot more fun.

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