4 Tips For A New You Revelation



We all do it right? As every new year approaches, we've all been guilty of writing "that" list of the amazing things we want to achieve to revamp our life and be badass chicks who develop Super Girl like powers within the first month of the new year; only to be discouraged when the grind of everyday life kicks back in and we fall of track.  However Super Girl-like we want to be, "that" list can feel like an overwhelming obstacle to actually accomplishing change.  My solution to this scenario is to transform "that" list, into a list of awesomeness by implementing practical daily changes that have long-term impact.  By setting realistic goals, maintaining positive self-talk, fueling your wellness and pampering yourself, you can transform your New Year Resolutions into New You Revelations!

Here are my top 4 tips for your Ultimate Transformation:

1. Visualize Your Success and Be Realistic Not Pessimistic with Your Goals

Visualizing your goals is imperative to your success in pursuing them.  Making an honest assessment of your life and your circumstances, is key to setting realistic goals, so that you can achieve them.  

Goal setting (no matter how many times you have tried it), really works if it's done in increments you can actually control and practically work on.  Visualize your goal as in inverted pyramid, with the ultimate goal at the top.  Working backwards to a starting point, will help you better see what you need to do each day to achieve success.  Seek out the habits you can immediately work on-habits small enough to achieve in a timely manner, but with big long term impact toward your ultimate success. Don’t be afraid to ask a professional for help in achieving your goals either.  They are there to guide you and want your success as much as you do. 

Even Super Girl can't save the world from multiple crises at the same time, she prioritizes right? Prioritize your habits and start with the small ones to be most effective. Whatever you want to work on, write those habits down.  Choose 1 behavior to start with, and create realistic solutions to focus on for the month of January.  Ignore the rest of the list until you feel you have legitimately mastered your first goal and then move on to your next one.

2. Positive Self-Talk

How we talk to ourselves can set us up for success or failure.  It's easy to focus on all of the things we are doing poorly. But the purpose of being honest and realistic in our goals, is to see what we really want to change, so we can live a more positive and balanced daily life.  Instead of getting hooked on all the negative things about yourself, recognize that working on the habits you can control, and why you want to change them, is a positive and responsible step to more gratifying wellness.

Compliment yourself on being the badass chick that takes the bull by the horns, and empower yourself with positive “I Am” statements (such as, I Am a runner. I Am a savvy business chick. I Am able to achieve.), that reinforce how hard you are trying to achieve your goals daily.  Put your statements on sticky notes placed where you will see them (or send yourself a text reminder), and repeat them verbally several times during the day to manifest your goals. There is nothing like a good pep talk with yourself to show the world that you have what it takes to be your best you!

3. Fuel Your Success

Overall transformation is a long process, and you need your body to be at its healthiest while you're making changes so you can think clearly, keep your hormones balanced, immune system high and have the energy you need to achieve.

Nutrition is key to physical and mental success.  Making small adjustments to your nutrition can make a big impact.  Do you get a Twix bar on break? Replace it with healthy snacks (raw nuts or a fabulous protein shake). Get a bag of chips for lunch? Replace it with sweet potato fries.  Grab a soda for your 2 pm crash, replace it with a 16 oz bottle of water, etc . . . Making just 1 change in your routine will make it easier to make additional changes so that eventually you can actually feel the difference in your body, your energy and how you feel about the skin you're in.

4.  Power Down to Pamper Yourself

Why is powering down your electronics time so important to the New You? We spend so much time on our phones, iPads, tablets and laptops, that they become an extension of our body. Tuning out everyone else's voice, to tune in with your own voice is vital for your mind/body connection and health.

Instead of powering up in the morning, take 15 minutes of “me” time to visualize your goals and success by meditating, breathing, and stretching to connect with your body and mind before starting your day. 

Throughout the day, create 5 minute increments of “me” time to do one of the following:

Eat a healthy snack

Drink water to keep your immune system hydrated and healthy

Breathe deeply and stretch to renew your energy

In addition to these daily goals, create time to truly pamper yourself throughout the month.  You are working hard to visualize your goals and continue positive self-talk about your ability to achieve them, and now you should take care of the skin you’re in to enjoy your hard work.   Instead of spending time on your phone or laptop surfing the net as your regular “you” time routine, make it a point to visit the steam room or hot tub at your gym or spa, set an appointment for a message, or take a hot bath to unwind and feel renewed, at least once during the month.  This will help to reset your focus, renew your thoughts, allow you to reconnect with your daily goals and reward yourself for working so hard to achieve them.

These 4 tips, are key to achieving a New You Revelation, and although you may not have the red boots, red cape and "S" on your chest overnight, what you will reveal to yourself about the kind of superhero you are, will be empowering!  Who says you have to transform in one year anyway? Transformation is a lifestyle. Transform your mind, Transform your body and you will ultimately transform yourself.

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