secrets to tell your doctor

Don't EVER Keep These 30 Secrets From Your Doctor

Omitting these details could actually be dangerous
secrets to tell your doctor

Doctor’s visits can be tricky to navigate. After waiting in the reception area for longer than you anticipated, you finally make it into a room. Your vitals are checked.[slideshow:104579]

You’re asked a couple of preliminary questions. You wait some more. Then, finally, the doctor strolls in. You have just a few minutes of his or her time at your disposal — doctors are busy people! How do you know what to tell them and what information is a waste of time to report?

There are all kinds of reasons you might be inclined to keep something from your doctor. You might not think it’s an important enough detail. You might be embarrassed. Or you might just not be sure that your concern is valid at all.

When in doubt, you should always tell your doctor what’s on your mind. Even though the visit is packed within a short time window, your appointments are meant to serve you. Don’t be shy on the information. Doctors aren’t always the best at listening to their patients. But it’s worth the effort to make sure they hear your concerns.

Without testing for every possible condition in the book, it’s difficult for your doctor to always tell what’s going on by just looking. That’s why it’s up to you to report your symptoms. Leaving things out might be OK sometimes, but other times it could be costly to your treatment plan.


These 30 secrets should never be kept from your doctor, no matter what.