27 Health Symptoms People Always Ignore But Shouldn’t

Your body is always giving you signals; learn to read them
27 Health Symptoms People Always Ignore But Shouldn’t

No one knows your body better than you, but you may not always read it right. “If you think you have an emergency, then you have an emergency until proven otherwise,” says Dr. Michael G. Millin, associate professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine.[slideshow:104443]

Certain mild ailments and conditions can go away on their own, but others may linger and grow without giving any signals. ”Pain is a symptom, not a disease,” he adds. When it’s just a little ache and it’s by itself, then it’s usually not a problem. “It can be concerning if it occurs simultaneously with other minor symptoms.”

The key to preventing potentially fatal incidents is to pay attention to small changes or sensations and to know when not to dismiss them because you had a busy day at work. Some things you just can’t “walk off.” You shouldn’t have to lose consciousness to be convinced to see a specialist.

Your body, a very complex scheme of interconnected systems, is constantly giving you signals when it needs you to take fix a problem. If an organ is not working right, all of the rest can be affected and you can have health issues you never knew were possible.

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