25 Things to Do in Your 40s to Live a Longer, Better Life

It’s not too late to set yourself up for many healthy years ahead
25 Things to Do in Your 40s to Live a Longer, Better Life


People can’t ignore their age. Making this mistake can lead to weight gain, heart problems and chronic illnesses brought by unhealthy lifestyles.

Now is the time to change bad habits. The body gets more and more resilient as it gets older – it has been mistreated for too long with refined sugar, processed foods and other bad things, so it takes longer to get better. Before you know it, a routine checkup finds your blood pressure to be too high and you’re pre-diabetic.[slideshow:103776]

You know you have to quit smoking and cut salt. Sodium is essential for nerve cells to communicate well, prevent muscle cramps, and regulate blood sugar and fluid balance…Until people get too much of it. Then a vicious cycle begins – your blood pressure rises, you hold too much water, blood vessels get damaged, you lose calcium, and you are at higher risk of dementia.

The gradual loss of muscle mass with aging, called sarcopenia, is a fact of life. The body is losing testosterone. There is not enough to bind to your muscle cells. This affects both men and women. This is why more strength training is recommended.

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