25 Countries With the Highest Life Expectancy

What are your chances of living a long, happy life?
25 Countries With the Highest Life Expectancy


“How long will I live” is a question few people want to know the answer to, but in some countries people may not be afraid to ask anyway because they will probably like the response.[slideshow:103687]

In general, people all over the world are living longer due to improvements in lifestyle, living standards and better healthcare. The average life expectancy in almost every country has increased over the last several decades.

In general, the more developed a country is, the longer its residents are expected to live. But climate, diet and life choices are other factors significantly contributing to how many birthdays people get to celebrate. The secrets to longer lives also include healthy and happy social relationships where older people feel appreciated.

The following list is based on the latest data provided by the World Economic Forum. It’s interesting to note that the Top 10, out of 137 nations included in the study, are all in Asia or Europe. Those in the bottom 10 are all in Africa.

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