Bites, Rashes, and Burns You Need to Watch Out for in the Summer

Here are some of the critters you might see this season
bug summer

Once you’re in the heart of summer, you’re probably spending far more time outside. You’re sitting on the grass, wading through the ocean, and taking the scenic route on your walk home. Why not? The weather is gorgeous and the sun can be good for you.[slideshow:104398]

However, there are some dangers of being outdoors you should be wary of. While a little sun can provide vitamin D and a boost to your mood, too much sun can be costly.

And lurking in the fresh-cut grass and beautiful blooms of flowers are insects and other pests, waiting to bite.

You know what a mosquito bite looks like, sure. But what about the other mysterious bites and rashes that pop up as summer goes on? You might not be as informed about certain dangerous types of fleas or about which spider bites warrant your concern.

The sooner you catch an infestation or an invader in your home, the better. If something dangerous is crawling around your yard, you want to spot the warning signs so you can keep yourself and your family safe from harm. If you see any of these 25 bites, rashes, or burn, watch out.

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