The Amazing Benefits of Sunshine

The sun is not all bad – it keeps you healthy if you don’t soak up too much
The 25 Amazing Benefits of Sunshine

Many people love the sun for the warm feeling it leaves on the skin or the opportunity to shed some layers. Sunshine brings many benefits, many of which are not strictly linked to your physical well-being.[slideshow:104400]

It’s common knowledge that too much direct exposure to the sun’s rays can be harmful, causing skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. Finding the right balance is key.

Most people only need a few minutes in the sun to start taking advantage of the benefits; but you should always be careful not to let the skin burn.

Staying indoors for more than two days in a row harms your body in several ways.

If you want to be in bed all day, you may be suffering from depression. But if you just don’t go outside, you are missing on a crucial vitamin D boost. About 20 minutes of sunshine per day is recommended to make sure you don’t become a victim of D-eficiency.

A little sunshine every day has great advantages. Don’t automatically cover up as soon as sun rays penetrate the clouds.

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