23 Ways to Love Yourself More This Year

Self-love is not selfish; it plays an important role in a healthy and happy life


Self-love is an important aspect of a happy and healthy lifestyle. “Decisions we make every day that shape our lives are influenced by how much we love ourselves,” Dr. Krista Jordan, a board certified psychologist, says. “For example, do we take time to eat a good breakfast or are we drinking too much?”

Lack of self-care usually means lack of time and motivation to pursue one’s passions and dreams, and people end up settling for less. A chronic feeling of sadness and despair can be a possible result.

Depression is one the most common conditions doctors misdiagnose. Is it the winter bluesstress or clinical depression? One in four patients has the “wrong” illness after seeing a professional, according to a study. Symptoms are feelings people experience every day – sadness, unease, worry, and bad temper.

Don’t confuse self-love with selfishness or egomania, Hope Tackaberry, life coach and speaker, says. The two concepts cannot be more different. Somewhere somehow we got the idea that doing what makes us happy is egoistic, she adds. Shaming others for feeling proud and happy makes people feel safer, Anita Lane, certified breakthrough coach, says. People are scared to step out of their comfort zone, leaving them in a stuck, and possibly unrealized, vicious cycle of self-hate.

Many find it very hard to love themselves more because of lack of modeling of that positive behavior, Tackaberry says. “We don’t show a lot of self-care and that is often picked up at home.” Parents try to get their kids to fall in line and they keep doing it to themselves when [they] become adults, she adds. Breaking the cycle is a process, but not impossible.

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