23 Things Your Signature Reveals About You

According to graphology, how you choose to write reveals a lot about you.
23 Things Your Signature Reveals About You


Graphology, or the practice of handwriting analysis, has been around for thousands of years. Though it’s more of an art than a precise science, psychologists have recently conducted experiments in which they’ve been able to find links between handwritten signatures and certain personality traits.

While graphology isn’t scientifically air-tight, it makes sense that our personality would shine through how we choose not just what we write but also how we write. For example, logic would follow that an eccentric, loopy person might prefer drawing big, loopy letters.

Master graphologist Kathi McKnight claims handwriting experts can find more than 5,000 personality traits through a person’s handwriting. Though there are conflicting interpretations of what different signs mean, many basic aspects of handwriting analysis are widely accepted. According to graphologists, parts of your signature, such as letter size, loops, spacing and more, are good predictors about certain aspects of your personality.

Read on to discover what  graphology has to say about your own handwriting.

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