20 Winter Habits that Make You Miserable

Do you recognize some of what you do every day?


Falling into bad habits, which you may or may not know are bad for your physical and mental health, is a problem many people have. You’ve probably heard the cliché that nothing worth having is easy. It applies to your overall well-being as well. Patterns – even those that make you sad or uncomfortable – are hard to break.[slideshow:98146]

The definition of insanity can easily be used to describe a miserable person. People who don’t feel happy but never change their habits to boost their moods will stay stuck in a joyless state of mind. The winter makes any effort to improve upon such difficult situation less likely to succeed.

The gray weather can be blamed for starting the vicious cycle of feeling sad or depressed. Cold temperatures prevent people from going out and exercising, presenting them with a legitimate excuse to stay home, sitting themselves to death and eating comfort foods and sweets.

Current domestic and international events may leave the impression that miserable people are the norm and not the exception. If this were true, strive to be weird and strange by smiling more often and having a positive attitude. Don’t pretend to be happy; just be. Get out of the vicious cycle of feeling bad once and for all.

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