20 Ways to Be Calmer, More Mature…And More Productive

Completing business goals is not a solo endeavor, and it’s a tough one that can take a lot out of you


Higher productivity and maturity start where drama and whining stop. While this is hard to accomplish, because it’s much easier to complain and judge than to act and work hard, it is completely in your control.

The road to a more professional “you,” who can diffuse any situation, solve a problem and win an argument, starts with small steps.

Body language can tell the wrong story,” Dr. Marika Lindholm, sociologist and founder of ESME [Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere], says. “[It], just like conversation patterns, should find a middle ground.” The best communicators make sure that they demonstrate interest with head nodding and eye contact as well as a willingness to lean in to listen, she adds.[slideshow:98845]

Listening is one of the most powerful personal skills to cultivate. Hearing and processing what others have to say is directly related to the type of listener you are, Dr. Lindholm says. “Everyone appreciates being listened to and listening is a direct path to knowledge and information.”

Good people skills are essential. Some clear signals that you might need to brush up on them can be observed at a social gathering, Dr. Lindholm says. “Are there long awkward pauses when you are chatting with others? Do folks grab the earliest opportunity to exit the conversation? Do people look confused when you are interacting? Do you often end up in a debate or argument?”

Make yourself your number one priority so you approach things from a positive and healthy place to begin with, Heather Monahan, business expert, mentor and speaker, says.

The excessive tension and pressure of not handling stress well will eventually take a toll on your physical and mental health with upset stomach, headaches or migraines being only a few of the possible side effects. 

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