20 Bad Habits That Could Hurt Your Relationship



The “honeymoon stage” of a relationship is great, but once that comes to an end, we begin to notice things about our partner that we may have overlooked in the beginning.

You or your loved one may be doing things subconsciously that are sabotaging your relationship. Annoying habits like leaving dirty clothes on the floor or leaving dirty dishes in the sink are one thing; but name-calling or hiding the phone isanother.[slideshow:98556]

Relationships are not always perfect and we have to look beyond the imperfections; but when your significant other has taken on a passive-aggressive approach to things, you may want take a closer look at your situation. It’s important to find assertive and fair words to state what you want, sex therapist and relationship counsellor Giverny Lewis says. “Communicate to your partner and get it off your chest in a positive way.”

Studies have shown that trying to improve your partner, having low self-esteem, and the inability to forgive your partner or yourself for even small mistakes, can be detrimental. Data shows that self-forgiveness has a positive effect on the partner’s happiness with the relationship. Perceived regard and secure attachment between the partners may explain why self-confidence is valuable.

And don't even think about telling "white lies." Research suggests that when people managed to reduce their lies over the course of 10 weeks, they reported significantly better relationships as well as social interactions.

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