Ways Your Dog Makes You a Better Person

All you did was train him to fetch — he trained you to be a better person!


Who’s a good boy? Or a good girl? Your dog, for sure. But man’s best friend is also making you a better two-legged friend. Everything from your physical health to the way you treat your close relationships is enhanced by having a puppy around.[slideshow:104728]

There are so many little ways dogs make your life better every single day. There’s nothing quite like walking in the front door after work, only to be greeted by a drooling face filled with boundless excitement at your arrival. It can make every day feel special! And who doesn’t want to be greeted by a dog’s dorky grin after a long day? There’s nothing like a wagging tail and an attack of kisses to bring a smile (and a little dog drool) to your face.

Dogs make great companions. They can help the elderly find a friend in their old age. They teach kids valuable lessons in responsibility. And they can always lend an (especially floppy) ear anytime their owner needs someone to listen.


Your dog loves being home. Your dog loves you! You feed your dog, you give him or her attention… As much as you take care of your dog, you might not realize that there are lots of ways your dog takes care of you as well. Hanging around man’s best friend can make you into a better person — here are 15 ways you improve when you have a dog at home.