15 Sneaky Reasons You’re Always Tired

You got 8 hours of quality sleep last night but still feel sluggish. There is plenty you could be doing wrong

Constant fatigue is a very uncomfortable, but very common, physical state. YouGov’s latest research shows that a significant number of Americans don’t feel fully rested for most of the week.

Only 15 percent report not waking up feeling tired even one day a week, while 40 percent say that they wake up once, twice or three times a week feeling sluggish, and 38 percent say that they’re poorly rested four or more days a week.[slideshow:96617]

But lack of sleep is just one – and the most obvious – reason why you feel lethargic as soon as you open your eyes. Other sneaky factors sapping your energy can be as simple as clutter in your office or keeping the temperature in your home too high.

Exhaustion is different from drowsiness, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The latter is feeling the need to sleep, but fatigue is a lack of energy and motivation. It can be a normal and important response to chronic shortage of sleep, but also to emotional stress, hormonal changes and diseases.

Don’t be quick to blame exhaustion on chaotic daily lives. It is a generic and vague symptom that the body is using to signal that you need to take better care of it. Make small changes in your schedule to observe any difference in how you feel – this is one of the best ways to identify the culprit if medical tests have ruled out an illness.

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