The 15 Best Dog Parks in the U.S.

Off-leashes “oases” where people’s furry friend can putter around are multiplying


Dogs love to play – they need lots of space to run around and have fun. A city apartment simply does not suffice. If you don’t live in a house with a huge yard, your next best option is finding a dog park where your pup can freely dive into waves, splash in ponds, run wild around grassy areas and cool off under a shade.[slideshow:91488]

What also makes a dog park preferable than many other places is cleanliness, safety and the kind of canine and human crowd that goes there. Well-behaved pooches and owners can make the experience a lot more fun. Most recreational areas designed for Fido now feature agility and obstacle courses.

Cities and non-profit organizations are collaborating to set an area where dogs can freely, and legally, play without being disturbed. Off-leashes “oases” where people’s furry friend can putter around are multiplying.

There were 569 off-leash dog parks in the 100 largest cities in 2010, a 34 percent jump in five years. They are the fastest-growing segment of city parks. Regular parks overall increased just 3 percent in the same time. The estimated number of dog parks in operation in the U.S. is 1,200, according to National Recreation and Park Association.

The bottom line is that the best park for the furry member of your family should provide plenty of options for exercising, playing and socializing. You’ll know this is the case when you go home and Fido goes straight to sleep.

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