10 Ways to Fight Asthma and Allergies

Asthma is a lung or chronic respiratory problem which can cause difficulty breathing


Asthma is a lung or chronic respiratory problem which can cause difficulty breathing. Airways swell and restrict airflow in and out of the lugs, making it a struggle to breathe.

Asthma can be allergic or non-allergic, according to research from the University of Maryland Medical Center.  “With allergic asthma, an allergic reaction to an inhaled irritant, such as pet dander, pollen, or dust mites, triggers an attack. The immune system springs into action, but instead of helping, it causes inflammation.”

“Asthma is the most common chronic childhood illness. About half of all cases develop before the age of 10, and many children with asthma also have allergies,” the research also explains.

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Asthma and allergies are closely related. Allergies cause itchy eyes, runny nose, constant sneezing, and symptoms of asthma. Some of the symptoms of asthma include coughing, wheezing, tightness in chest, shortness of breath, and signs of allergies.

Millions of Americans suffer from allergy symptoms each year. Allergies occur when your body’s immune system is affected by substances in your environment – pollen, dust, pet dander, etc.

Make some lifestyle changes – quit smoking, lose weight if you suffer from obesity and keep a journal to monitor changes and attacks.


10 Ways to Fight Asthma and Allergies


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