The 10 Things That Are Stopping You from Loving Your Body

Body dissatisfaction is an epidemic in the U.S.


The numbers are shocking: 80 percent of women and 34 percent of men in the U.S. don’t like how they look, 70 percent of normal weighted women want to be thinner, and more than half aren’t happy with their current weight.[slideshow:91450]

Body dissatisfaction is an epidemic that strikes at every age and it can lead to depression, social anxiety and eating disorders.

The brain is continuously forming images based on information it receives from hormones produced as the result of your feelings at a particular time. This leads to the chronic problem of tearing yourself apart every time you look in the mirror. Negative body image has become an engrained and automated habit after a few years.

Poor body image, even for women who are fit, active, and healthy, is mostly a result of negative self-talk and an over emphasis on outward appearance. People need to quit focusing so much on the external, because everyone is going to age and this brings changes over which people have absolutely no control.

The definition of body perception includes both how you view your bodyand also what you think its functions are. This is part of the reason why exercise plays an important role in how people feel about themselves.   

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