10 Reasons You’re Tired all of the Time That Have Nothing to do With Sleep


If you wake up in the morning feeling exhausted and can’t shake the feeling for the rest of the day, you may need to make some lifestyle changes. But there is relief in sight if you’re tired all of the time.

For some, it may be chronic fatigue. “Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition that causes a person to experience continuous feelings of fatigue that don’t have any other underlying causes,” healthline says.

For others; it’s a sign of depression, sleep disorders or a question of making some changes in your daily routine.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. For instance, having a glass of wine before bed, drinking caffeine in the middle of the day, or napping close to your bedtime. 

Sleep helps improve memory, enhance creativity, maintain a healthy weight and lower stress. According to Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, “we sleep to restore brain chemicals and rest the body. Some researchers believe that the brain organizes and stores memories during sleep. Lack of sleep can affect our daytime functioning, hormonal balance, appetite, and immune system.”


10 Reasons You’re Tired all of the Time That Have Nothing to do With Sleep


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