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Kids Coronavirus Mask: Why Parents Should Pack a Spare for School

It's a staple school supply during the coronavirus pandemic

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As coronavirus restrictions begin to ease in some states, restaurants, gyms and offices have hesitantly opened their doors in hopes of a return to normalcy. Next on that list: schools. Colleges and universities are establishing CDC-approved guidelines, and K-12 schools are determining best practices to safely reopen. 

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As society attempts to return to normal, continuing to protect your family is likely at the top of your priority list. If you plan to send your child back to the classroom this fall, there’s one important thing you should pack in their backpack to keep them safe: an extra face mask. According to Dr. Bridget Boyd, an associate professor at Loyola University Medical Center who specializes in general pediatrics, an extra face mask or two should be packed in your child’s backpack as a safety precaution in case their mask gets soiled, damaged or lost during the schoolday.

Once your child returns home from school, be sure to establish and follow healthy habits, like regularly washing their masks or replacing them if necessary.


An extra face mask, no matter the style, could change your child’s day-to-day life in school for the better. Here are other health tips to keep your child healthy in the classroom.