Beautiful Photos of Christmas Trees That Will Put You in the Holiday Spirit

Beautiful Photos of Christmas Trees That Will Put You in the Holiday Spirit


Beautiful Photos of Christmas Trees That Will Put You in the Holiday Spirit


What drives the Christmas holiday spirit? Believe it or not, several studies have tried to find out. The answer varies with every person – some people make donations, others volunteer, and many are excited by the opportunity to see family that lives far away. But everybody loves a beautifully lit and decorated tree.

Feast of Christmas


This charmingly decorated house with a Christmas tree and presents underneath it makes you want to skip Thanksgiving Day and go straight to December 25.

In the wilderness


It looks like spending Christmas in the woods is not a bad idea after all? The illuminated and fabulously decorated tree will keep you warm. 

At home with the family


What can beat spending the holiday within the comfort of your own home with your parents playing with and reading to you by the warm fireplace?

The joy of Christmas


Most parents would agree - there is nothing better than watching their their kids having genuine fun decorating the Christmas tree.

A look from outside


The only thing missing in this photo is snowflakes. Still, looking at a lit Christmas tree through a frosted window will definitely make you want to go home and curl up on the couch by your own beautifully decorated tree.



Isn’t it great when a Christmas tree is so much bigger than all other plants nearby? The snow by night brings a regal touch to the photo.

Reveal tree

Putting a tiny blue or pink sock on a Christmas tree as a decoration can be a nice and surprising way to announce that you are expecting and to reveal whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Winter wonderland

Who says that snowmen and their families can’t celebrate Christmas? They look very happy by the lake with the all-white snow-covered tree. Someone even left presents for them.

The beauty of Christmas lights

Photo Modified: Flickr / Paul Harbath / CC BY 4.0

It’s like walking under a Christmas sky…The glimmering lights, the warm colors and the snowy streets make for a perfect, and very romantic, walk.

In your backyard

Photo Modified: Flickr / Gabe McIntyre / CC BY 4.0

There is no need to bring a tree inside the house when you have a perfectly good one right outside in your own backyard. As you can see, decorating it with just lights makes it look absolutely gorgeous.

At work

Photo Modified: Flickr / jaya/ CC BY 4.0

This is a Christmas tree at the lobby of an electric company. It lives up to its name, doesn’t it? Have you seen more red decorations on a Christmas tree before?

Traditional Christmas

Isn’t that how Christmas looked at grandma’s house when you were a kid? The pictures, the presents, the view, the sleighs, even the rocking chair – it’s all perfect.

In the city

Isn’t it great when you’re out in the city, in a hurry to buy presents for friends and family, when suddenly you see a giant and beautifully lit Christmas tree in front of you? Stop and enjoy the moment.

In the forest


Do you need a bigger incentive to pack your bags and a tent and go snow camping? Stargazing, while keeping warm next to a beautiful Christmas tree, is a cozy and unique way to spend the holiday.

By the sea


Tropical states and countries celebrate Christmas, too. Escape the winter and head to a warm location. Choose a destination with a temperate climate and spend your days working off any extra “Christmas cheer” weight by hiking, swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling.