The 15 Best Dog Parks in the U.S. from The 15 Best Dog Parks in the U.S.

The 15 Best Dog Parks in the U.S.


The 15 Best Dog Parks in the U.S.


Dogs love to play – they need lots of space to run around and have fun. A city apartment simply does not suffice. If you don’t live in a house with a huge yard, your next best option is finding a dog park where your pup can freely dive into waves, splash in ponds, run wild around grassy areas and cool off under a shade.

Dog Wood Park, Jacksonville, Florida

Photo by Arlene D. via Yelp

This 42-acre swim and play park is like paradise on earth for dogs. About half of the area is fenced. Admission fee is $11, but it’s worth every penny. There is an agility course and classes, many nature trails for walks and running in Barkham Woods, a lighted area for fetching games at night, and a swimming lake with a fountain. Can you believe that there is also a puppy kindergarten?

Cosmo Dog Park, Gilbert, Arizona

This special 14-acre dog oasis has separate use areas for active and shy dogs, a lake, 4 fenced acres, lighting decorated with colorful paw-print decor reminiscent of dog toys for night use, fountains, washing stations, and even a basketball court and multi-use equestrian trails. The park is human-friendly, too. It has a Ramada, picnic tables and benches.

Bear Creek Dog Park, Colorado

Active and social dogs in Colorado Springs are in luck. They get a 25-acre fenced off-leash playground all to themselves. They will also enjoy cooling pools, nature trails, hills, and fun obstacle courses. There are several walking trails, including the 3/4-mile primary loop, and several secondary trails. A separate 2-acre small dog park, especially for pups 25 lbs. and under, is provided.

Beneful Dream Dog Park, Alabaster, Alabama

This pooch park is fairly new, but is already among the most popular in the state. Dogs run freely through tunnels, hoops, a miniature football field, off-leash play areas (including a fire truck zone), and cool of in a splash pad. A walking track was set up at Veterans Park for leashed dogs. While their four-legged best friends enjoy their freedom in nature, owners can sit on benches in the shade and relax.

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline, Richmond, California

Photo by Ann L. via Yelp

The 23-acre land where dogs can have fun is the largest public off-leash dog park in the country, and one of its most popular with over 500,000 visits a year. It has everything you may wish for Fido – toys, treats, supplies, full service and self-service bathing facilities, and stunning views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Also, there are more than 2.5 miles of San Francisco Bay Trail in the vicinity of the park.

Shaggy Pines Dog Park, Ada, Michigan

The 20-acre private park has an abundance of towering pines, rolling hills, and huge green spaces for your canine companion to run around. The park also features a dog swimming pond, dry dog areas, lit nature trails, a “Doggy Mountain” for digging and climbing, and agility training courses. You will also find a dedicated, enclosed small dog area specifically for puppies under 30 pounds.

Bentonville Bark Park, Arkansas

Photo by Laura C. via Yelp

The park’s goal is to provide an area for dogs to exercises and socialize. The programs at the fenced 1.3 acre off-leash recreation area for dogs and dog lovers often include live music, dog treats, agility courses, separate areas for dogs of different sizes, and a walking trail that connects to the city.

Millie Bush Bark Park, Houston, Texas

Photo by Robyn W. via Yelp

The double-gated and fenced park, named after former President George W. Bush’s dog, is 13 acres. It features small and large dog areas, swimming ponds, water fountains, washing stations, showers, a walking path, and pickup bags, shade areas and plenty of benches for the dog owners. The park is open every day from dawn till dusk.

Kenton Paw Park, Covington, Kentucky

This off-leash park has a separate small dog area, drinking water, benches, and trees.  It’s a great place for the dogs to play with other pups and meet new dog-friends. The park also features very large enclosures, with lush green grass and friendly people.

Thornberry Off-Leash Dog Park, Iowa City, Iowa

Photo by John P. via Yelp

The 12 acres in Peninsula Park features The Linder Tire Service Small Dog Yard, which is designated for dogs less than 18 inches at the shoulder; an asphalt path to the shelter and room to run; Emma's Run for shy dogs; agility equipment; a large playground; and a fenced area with a 15-foot deep pond available for dog swimming.

James Island County Park, Charleston, South Carolina

This is the best dog park in Charleston. It has its own dog beach, four acres of open grassy space, a cleaning station, fenced play area for small dogs, and waste stations. Owners give it 5 out of 5 stars on “This was literally the best dog park we've ever been to,” one person wrote. Walking trails, a clean hose area, picnic stations, and benches are available. There is also a campground, a water park for kids and a climbing wall.

Hawaii Kai Dog Park, Hawaii

Photo by Pixel K. via Yelp

This is a public, city dog park that includes both human and doggie drinking fountains and separate fenced small dog areas. Dogs and their owners like the area because it has a very large grassy area for running around and playing. Fresh water is also provided and available for the pups. There are also plenty of tennis balls stored along the fence.

Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago, Illinois

Photo by Tom P. via Yelp

This is Chicago’s first legal off-leash dog beach, founded so dogs have a place to run and swim safely and legally. The almost 4-acre area is the only Lake Michigan beach experience you can share with Fido in the city. Your pooch will love it there – lots of running on the shore, hopping in the water, playing together.

Shawnee Mission Off-Leash Dog Area, Kansas

Photo by Bonnie C. via Yelp

The 53-acre dog off-leash area is open year-round. It features a swimming area, many nature trails through grassland and wooded areas. This is a fun place for your canine friend to run and play. There are doggie bags at the entrance and scattered around the premise.

Runyon Canyon Dog Park, Los Angeles, California

If you want Fido to make friends with celebrity dogs, bring him to this park. It’s very close to several Hollywood neighborhoods. The park is perfect for very active dogs who love to go on hikes and spend lots of time in nature. Dogs can be off their leashes in about 90 acres of the 160-acre area.