10 Summer Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat from 10 Summer Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat

10 Summer Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat

It’s hard to enjoy a summer event – barbeque, festival, carnival, or a baseball game – without the temptations of fatty, high-calorie foods.

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Hot Dogs


Summertime calls for social gatherings and barbeques. Hot dogs are a common food served, and while they are delicious, they should be avoided at all costs. They are full of fat and sodium; and, not to mention, when you add a bun to it you’re adding another 100 calories to your meal.

Snow Cones


Although it looks harmless, this popular hot weather treat is simply water and a whole lot of sugar. According to U.S. News, they contain 90 calories per ounce of regular syrup – one pump equals about an ounce of syrup.

BBQ Ribs


Ribs alone are not so bad, but we all know that they just don’t taste as good without being smothered in barbecue sauce. “Pork spare ribs pack 21.51 grams of fat into each 100-gram portion,” according to livestrong.com. “The marinade or barbecue sauce used to flavor your spare ribs will contain a high concentration of fat, sugar and sodium, further compounding the dish's harmful dietary effects.”

Corn Dogs


It doesn’t matter if it’s a frozen corn dog or a fresh one from your local fair, you should completely avoid it. According to myfitnesspal, one corn dog contains 375 calories, 21g of fat, 36g of carbs, 75mg of cholesterol, and a whopping 1,170mg of sodium.

Sugary Drinks


Soda, fruit and sports drinks are all loaded with sugar and doing more harm than good to our overall health. Sugary drinks are damaging on our bodies; they cause harm to our hearts, aid in obesity and affect our physical appearance. According to nyc.gov, “Americans now consume 200 to 300 more calories each day than we did 30 years ago; more than half of those excess calories come from sugar-sweetened drinks.”

Ice Cream


If you want to cool down this summer with a snack, consider frozen yogurt or sugar free options like Arctic Zero instead. According to myfitnesspal, a half a cup of vanilla ice cream contains 145 calories, 58mg of sodium, 8g of fat, 17g of carbs, and 32mg of cholesterol.

Fried Dough


Fried dough, a staple food at summer carnivals and fairs, is one of the worst offenders. The mixture of sugar, deep-fried flour, butter, and more is damaging to your health. One 6oz serving of “Carnival Fried Dough” contains 720 calories, 39g of fat, and 79g of carbs, according to myfitnesspal.

Ice Cream Sandwich


So you thought ice cream was bad for you; now insert it in between two cookies or chocolate wafers and you have a snack even higher in fat, calories, and carbohydrates. “One ice cream sandwich contains 2.5 g of saturated fat, 10 mg of cholesterol and 150 mg of sodium,” according to livestrong.com.

Onion Rings


Dipped and deep fried, onion rings may be a delicious and popular summertime food, but they are an extremely poor nutritional choice. According to myfitnesspal, 2 onion rings from Applebees contain 246 calories, 245mg of sodium, 9g of fat, and 12g of carbs.

Spicy Foods


When the temperature is up and the heat outside is already too much to handle, spicy foods should be avoided. Capsaicin (found in spicy foods) consumption has been linked to a short-lived increase in body temperature, according to thekitchn.com.  You should be making efforts to keep your body temperature low when it’s hot outside, not the opposite.