Healthy Habits You Should Establish in Your 20s

Increase your chances of a healthy future by adopting these habits now

It may seem inconvenient to start seriously thinking about building healthy habits in your 20s, but establishing a lifestyle that supports good health during your young adult years may actually be your best bet for living a long, youthful life.

According to a 2013 German study published in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise, you may be more likely to stay healthy in the long run if you practice healthy habits as a young adult.

If you think about it, it makes sense. It takes time to truly adopt new habits so that they become less laborious and more like second nature, so it’s smart to start building a sturdy foundation sooner rather than later.

The following health and fitness habits are some the most important practices that you can work on now so that you’ll be more likely to maintain them later on in life.

Getting Quality Sleep

A recent survey conducted as part of the Gallup-Healthways well-being index found that about 42 percent of U.S. adults don’t get adequate amounts of sleep, and a growing body of research continues to link poor sleep habits with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and impaired immunity. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that adults ages 26 to 64 get seven to nine hours of sleep per night on a regular basis.

Strength Training

You likely already know that establishing a healthy exercise routine is essential to maintaining good health. However, compared with only performing cardio exercise, including strength training as part of your routine will help you to reap many additional health benefits, including better bone health (which is especially important for older women), reduced body fat, and an increase in your functional fitness (which means you'll maintain your ability to easily perform everyday tasks).  

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