Healthy Breakfasts for Mom that Won’t Wreck Her Diet

These quick and easy breakfasts are sure to make mom happy, while keeping her healthy

Mother’s Day is closing in and you’re probably wondering what you can get for the woman who has taught you practically everything and done so much for you. If it seems as though a card and flowers just won’t do the trick, maybe you should consider an awesome and outdoorsy gift. In the event that a gift won’t cut it, doing something as thoughtful as making breakfast is a sure way to make mom happy. If you’re short on health breakfast ideas, we’ve got you covered with these quick and healthy ideas.

Greek Yogurt with Her Favorite Fresh Fruit
This tasty breakfast option also happens to be super healthy. High in protein and simple carbohydrates for energy during her morning bike ride, the fresh fruit adds a touch of sweetness and other nutritional benefits, depending on which fruit you choose. Be sure to take plain Greek yogurt and add the fruit yourself, though, as the pre-packaged options are usually packed with sugar.

Breakfast Burrito
This simple staple is big on both flavor and nutrition. Scramble two eggs (or just egg whites), add black beans, shredded cheese and salsa (mild, medium or hot, depending on her taste) and wrap in a tortilla. The eggs and beans are perfect sources of protein and the salsa gives the dish an interesting kick mom will love.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Avocado Toast
You can’t go wrong with this awesome breakfast duo—avocado and whole-grain toast is a nutrition match that’s easy, tasty and incredibly nutritious. On top of that, this breakfast is incredibly versatile. Spice it up with hot sauce or salsa, add chia or sunflower seeds for a few extra nutrients or pile on cherry tomatoes for flavor with added health benefits.

Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie
For the mom so dedicated to fitness that she’ll fit in a workout on Mother’s Day, this smoothie is the perfect treat for after her morning run or yoga session. Blend up a banana, peanut butter, soy milk, ice cubes and maybe even a scoop of protein powder and have it waiting for when she gets back from the gym.

​Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Oatmeal and Fresh Fruit
High in fiber, potassium and omega-3 fatty acids, oatmeal is a perfect healthy breakfast food. This classic wonder-food has been shown to help lower bad cholesterol and help manage weight. Add your own fruit for flavor and other benefits, but beware of the pre-flavored instant oatmeal, as the sugar content can be out of control.

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