Healthy Breakfasts for Athletes On the Go

Prepare these portable breakfasts ahead of time for easy, on-the-go morning meal options
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As an athlete, you know why breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but when your typical mornings include early training sessions, you don’t necessarily always have time to sit down for a full-blown meal.

The solution: you need breakfast recipes that are fast, portable and above all, nutritious.

Try whipping up on of the following options, but make sure to prepare it ahead of time, like the night before, so that you can wake up, grab it and go.

Protein Smoothie

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Protein is an absolute must after an intense workout, and mixing it with a nutritious carbohydrate source like fresh fruit ensures that you’ll easily replenish all of the essential nutrients your muscles need for adequate recovery.

Look for whey or plant-based protein powders that don’t include excessive amounts of added sugar and blend it into a smoothie with your favorite ingredients like orange juice and fresh pineapple or milk and mixed berries or a banana.

Click here for more smoothie recipe ideas.

Overnight Oats
Instead of opting for pre-made oatmeal packets that are often filled with excess amounts of added sugar, you can actually pre-soak a batch of oats and store it in the fridge overnight. Pack it up in a portable container and when you’re ready to eat in the morning you can heat it or serve it cold.

And just like with regular oatmeal, the best part is you can pack a variety of different toppings to flavor your breakfast with. See the links below for overnight oat directions and some flavor ideas.

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Hard Boiled Eggs

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If your breakfast style is plain and simple, then hard boiled eggs, which are easily prepared ahead of time, are a simple and totally hassle-free option. They’re a great source of protein, and to make sure that you’ll refuel with a balanced combo of protein and carbs, you can even pair them with any of the other options on this list.

Rice Cake Topped with Almond Butter + Banana
If you’re not into spending any time prepping your breakfast beforehand, then packing a few simple snack ingredients like rice cakes that you can top with a nut butter and fresh fruit is absolutely the way to go. Throw everything in your bag and hit the road—just make sure you have a utensil to spread your nut butter when you’re ready to eat.

Homemade Mini Muffins
This option has an almost endless amount of recipes you can choose from, and the best part is you can whip up a big batch at the beginning of the week and you’ll have breakfast to go for the next few days ahead. You can try anything from protein-packed “egg muffins” to healthy versions of classic favorites. Or, you can even try them veggie style.

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