A Healthier Body, Happier Mind and 7 Other Reasons Riding a Bike Will Change Your Life from A Healthier Body, Happier Mind and 7 Other Reasons Riding a Bike Will Change Your Life

A Healthier Body, Happier Mind and 7 Other Reasons Riding a Bike Will Change Your Life

Many of us have a vivid memory of the first time we rode a bike. It usually resulted in some scrapes and bruises, but persistence never failed, and eventually we all felt like pros.

The phrase, ‘like riding a bicycle’ is far too familiar, but for some, getting back on the bike saddle is not quite as easy as it sounds.

Remember the times spent on a bicycle as a child, the wind pushing your hair back, the smile as you caught some speed. None of that has to be forgotten, and getting back on your bicycle at an older age has some serious benefits. These 9 reasons riding a bicycle will change your life for the better will inspire you to get back out there and pedal.

Your body will thank you

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There are so many health benefits to biking beyond the basic burning of calories. It’s low impact so you can sustain for longer periods. It is increases muscle mass, and your overall metabolic burn rates. Also, the air resistance gives can increase your workout by approximately 30% without you even realizing it. Not to mention, being outdoors has been proven to reduce the risk of many diseases.

You'll be outside and happier

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Research has found that sunshine helps to increase serotonin, which alters the moods in the brain. Getting outside in the sun will also prevent seasonal depression in the colder, less sunny times of the year.

It's a social activity

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Get the whole family together, or call up some friends who have bicycles. There's nothing quite like a nice sunday bike ride with a group of people you enjoy. Cycling has a strong network of people that love to head out on long rides together. Riding with other people is also a great way to motivate yourself to push further. 

It relieves stress

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There's no way to avoid it, we all get stressed. And studies consistenly prove that exercise can actually calm us down. A bike ride is not only calming because of being outside in the outdoors, but also the hormones released when we are active can relieve stress. 

You'll be saving the environment

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There's no other quick and clean way to get around quite like riding a bike. You'll feel great knowing that you're helping to minimize pollution. With fewer cars on the road and less carbon monixide emissions our planet can live on a little bit happier.

You'll save money

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Have you seen the price of gas lately? Riding a bicycle is great for the environment and for your wallet. Save on all the expenses of trains, planes, and automobiles and get out on that two-wheeled timeless classic. 

You can go anywhere

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Not only will you be traffic free on your commute, but having a bicycle means you can virtually go anywhere you want. Bicycle touring and bicycle camping are becoming increasingly popular. You can see the world without any added transportation costs.

You learn handy skills


Flats, loose chains, or sticky brakes are all common, but easily fixable. In no time you'll no how to fix your bike in a jiffy. And these mechanical skills can be taken to other facets of your life.   

You can get free stuff

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And if none of those benefits convinced you, let's add some free stuff into the mix. A new program called Bicycle Benefits Program is sweeping the nation, and trying to get the world out on bikes. As they work with local businesses, those who ride bikes will get special benefits in the community such as discounts and free things.

A Healthier Body, Happier Mind and 7 Other Reasons Riding a Bike Will Change Your Life