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Flood Insurance Is the Best Way to Protect Your Home This Hurricane Season

Protect your home and family

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Hurricane season starts the beginning of June in North America, and it is important that you get your home ready long before deadly storms start brewing. There are many things you can do to prep your home for hurricane season, but there is one step that may be more important than all others.

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During hurricane season, there is a possibility that parts of your home can get severely damaged. There are many home maintenance projects you can do that can help protect it from flooding and water damage from hurricanes and storms. But one of the most important ways to protect your home — and financial future — is to get flood or hurricane insurance.

Most normal home insurance does not cover the expensive damage that comes from flooding due to a hurricane. According to FEMA, National Flood Insurance Program policies become effective 30 days after the date of purchase, so homeowners should purchase one in advance to guarantee their home is covered in time.

According to FEMA, everyone across the country is at risk for flooding, though homeowners, business owners and renters in particularly high-risk areas for hurricanes will benefit the most from having flood insurance.


Getting flood insurance is just one of the many ways that you should prepare your home for hurricane season.