Hands-Free Hydration For Runners?

New invention from UK straps water pouch to wrist

Drinking water while running has never been a terribly elegant process. Carrying a water bottle is often impractical and waist bands can bounce uncomfortably and kill your stride while you grope awkwardly for a bottle. Hydration backpacks can get the job done for endurance runs, but are overkill for shorter distances.

A new invention by two British runners aims to solve this hydration conundrum.

Designed for runs of an hour or less, the FitSip is a 6.7-ounce hydration pouch that wraps around a runner’s forearm. It has a bite valve roughly where the face of a wristwatch would be, so drinking is hands free.

Inventors Belinda Goldsmith and Christine Manson spent three years working with Glasgow University in Scotland to develop the product, according to the Scotsman, and are officially launching it this month. The FitSip is currently only available on their website.

Whether this piece of gear eliminates annoyance or replaces one kind with another we’d be interested to find out. Right now, color us intrigued.

Via Runner's World.

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