Hamilton and Landis to Testify Against Lance

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Lance Armstrong's former teammates on USADA witness list
Flickr/ColinEdwards; Flickr/TJC

Former USPS teammates Floyd Landis (left) and Tyler Hamilton (right) will testify against Lance Armstrong in USADA case, say Armstrong lawyers.

Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis, two of Lance Armstrong's former U.S. Postal Team teammates and probably the two most well-known American cyclists behind Armstrong himself—will testify against the seven-time Tour de France champion.

Earlier this month the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) notified Armstrong it would be bringing chargees against him, citing in its letter to Armstrong that it had ten eye witnesses who will testify to the fact that Lance not only doped during his historic 1999-2005 Tour run, but that he encouraged teammates to do so, too.

Armstrong attorneys this week released a letter confirming that Landis and Hamilton both are on the witness list. Both are already on record accusing Lance of dopings—Landis sent a letter outlining the accusation to USA Cycling chief Steve Johnson back in 2010, and Hamilton famously aired the dirty laundry on "60 Minutes" last year.

So far the USADA names have remained sealed in order to protect the witnesses from intimidation, and the fact that Armstrong's own lawyers have released this revelation points to what will surely be an aggresive legal battle. Armstrong has already stated in an interview that he's done talking about doping, and that if backed into a corner he would come out swinging.

Speaking of intimidation, OutsideOnline reported that Hamilton and Armstrong recently ran into eachother at a bar in Aspenawkward. Hamilton reportedly walked away from the encounter "shaken."

Lance is charged with—and Landis and Hamilton have already admitted to using—EPO, testosterone and blood transfusions. What does that mean? See here for our "Doping for Dummies" post.