Meal Replacement Bars from Habits that Cause Weight Gain (And how to break them)

Habits that Cause Weight Gain (And how to break them)

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Meal Replacement Bars

Shannon Barbadian, a certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor and co-founder of Defy Gravity Studio, says that many meal replacement bars targeted towards dieters have way too much sugar in them. “They also have a long shelf life, which tells us they have preservatives in them,” she said. “To add to those nutritional no-nos, people tend to use them as snacks instead of meal replacements, and they contain too many calories to be considered a ‘snack.’" Instead, opt for meals made up of whole foods like fresh fruits and veggies and lean proteins, and when you’re in need of a snack try grabbing something like a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit. If you’re in a rush and need to grab something packaged, make sure it’s not overloaded with added sugar.


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