Guys Run Faster With Women Watching

A new study proves it
Staff Writer

Hey guys—want to run faster? Don’t bother with adding interval training or amping up your mileage. Just have a woman there to watch you, says new research.

During a study published in the journal, Perceptual and Motor Skills, British researchers asked 10 male runners to complete three separate trial runs of 20 minutes each—at a moderate, given pace. Ten minutes into a run, a man, a woman or no one appeared to watch them pound the, treadmill. Then, post sweat session, each man was asked to rate his perceived effort. What did they find? Even though their tempo was identical during each workout, men reported that their runs actually felt easier when a woman appeared to watch—and conversely, the pace felt more challenging when being scoped by another dude.

Do I hear demands for an all-female crowd coming? 

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