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Gucci Gear Slideshow

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Hang ten like a supermodel
Most in the wave-riding community collectively groaned when Gucci waded into the surf market back in 2001—one of the first cases of such a retailer courting outdoor athletes. The high-end fashion label debuted a “surf collection,” which consisted of two boards, in red (7’ 6” long) and blue (6’ 3”), made at the Gucci factory in Italy. The design is simple, with nary but a small GUCCI, Made in Italy tag near the boards' tails. They originally retailed for $1,950 and $2,200, but these days, you may be able to score a used one for a whole lot less. Surfers now seem to look upon the Gucci boards as something of a retro, ironically trendy find.
Price Tag: Once a big-ticket buy, we've seen these going for as little as $250 on surfing forums today.
Where to Buy:
It’s always worth checking your local surf shop or scour online retailers like and even Craigslist.


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