Your Earth Day: 20 Products That Leave No Trace

Green choices that are good for your body and the planet

When it comes to skin and hair products, almost anything goes. After all, the FDA does not review the safety of these products before they’re sold, according to the Environmental Working Group.

No news can be bad news for your body and the environment. When you choose a product—from lotion to shampoo—it's hard to know what brand is best. A quick glance at the ingredients can often be more confusing than helpful. While some that first appear suspect, such as Xylitol, are nontoxic; others such as parabens and triclosan can build up in your body, cause irritation and even disrupt your endocrine system or other important processes.


Likewise, many products contain ingredients that are destructive to ecosystems and wildlife. Sunscreens made with petrolatum, for instance, take years to biodegrade and can be harmful or fatal to aquatic animals and waterfowl. Other ingredients, such as titanium dioxide, are insoluble and never biodegrade.

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve come up with a list of recommendations for products that will take care of your body and go easy on the planet. And don’t worry—just because they’re environmentally friendly doesn’t mean they're any less chic. Green beauty products for men and women are taking off.