The Greatest Adventure Race the World Has Never Seen

An obstacle race perfect for apathetic athletes

Besides a sense of personal accomplishment, finishing an obstacle race means one thing: bragging about it on the Internet. After an adventure race like the Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash, mud-covered Instagram selfies, gun-flexing photos, and portraits posing with your medal are sure to follow.

But what if you could have all of the brag-worthy picture proof that comes along with conquering an outrageous obstacle course without actually having to endure the struggles of completing a race? If taking funny photos and updating your social media pages sounds more appealing to you than hurling yourself over hurdles, you may just enjoy taking part in  the Greatest Adventure Race that Never Was.

On May 10th, 2014, athletes around the world will harness the power of the hashtag in order to create the world’s first ever fake adventure race. Here’s how it works: participants are invited to order their race bibs and t-shirts by making a pledge to the event’s Kickstarter campaign. After receiving a very real race packet in the mail they’ll start to create hype by sharing their pre-race excitement on social media.

When race day arrives, partakers will fake out their friends with pre-, mid-, and post-race photos, all the while tagging their updates with the event’s official hashtag: #runfree. Basically, all you have to do is pose for a few preposterous pics, post them to your profiles, and then do whatever the heck you want for the rest of the day; go back to bed, blow away time on Buzzfeed, or watch the entire second season of House of Cards on Netflix. It’s totally up to you.

Sure, maybe this approach to accomplishing an obstacle race is a little less respectable, but if your friends end up believing you then what's difference? After all, if it’s on the Internet, then it’s real. (Pics or it didn’t happen, right?)

A social media experiment of sorts, the event is backed by, a start-up dedicated to “launching ridiculous things,” which under the same premise successfully launched the world’s first ever fake marathon last year.

2013’s fake marathon attracted over 1,000 “runners” from 24 different countries. This year the organizers are expecting even more “athletes” to finish this epic adventure race and just like with their made-up marathon will be curating of the best posts from participants on

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