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Great American Family Hikes

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Great American Family Hikes


Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve–Dunes/ Medano Creek

Take a hike through the Great Sand Dunes. The kids will love playing in the sand or sliding down a dune. Then take a splash in Medano Creek at the base of the dunes.

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Arches National Park–Broken Arch

There are many interesting rock formations in Arches National Park. With a number of short trails, the whole family can enjoy exploring the different arches, sand dunes, and slick rock.


Mount Rainier National Park–Trail of the Shadows

In the wintertime bring the whole family out to the snow play area of Mount Rainier for some fun sledding and sliding. But, for a great family hike check out the Trail of the Shadows filled with gorgeous meadows and forest.

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Mammoth Cave National Park–Cave Tour

Sitting in south central Kentucky lies the world’s longest known cave system. Kids will love exploring the curious caves and the park offers a Trog Tour that allows the children to ditch their parents on go on an overland and underground journey with two rangers for a kids-eye-view.


Olympic National Park–Hurricane Hill Trail

This 1.6 mile hike brings you up about 700 feet in elevation to incredible, panoramic views. Kids will love seeing all the bright colored wildflowers along the trail as well as other diverse elements of a rain forest.

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Grand Canyon National Park–Rim Trail

Expose your family to one of the beautiful wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon National Park is an exciting adventure for the kids. Take them on the Rim Trail which offers an easy, desirable hike with shuttle buses along the way, just in case.

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Petrified Forest National Park–Giant Logs Trail

Trek the Giant Logs trail featuring some of the most colorful logs you’ll ever see. At the top of the trail meet “Old Faithful”, a ten-foot-wide trunk log. The trail is paved and an easy .4 mile loop walk.

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park–'Iliahi (Sandalwood) Trail

Filled with rain forest, steam vents, and earth cracks, this 1.5 mile day hike is a colorful adventure. There are plenty of fun attractions to explore and NPS even offers activity worksheets for the kids to go along with your sightseeing.

Great American Family Hikes