Gorilla Tape Rescues the Day: Active Essentials

This rugged adhesive is a must-have for fixing your gear while on-the-go
Active Junky

The right items in pack or pocket can make all the difference this summer. Find out what the gear experts from Active Junky recommend for all your amazing outdoor adventures.

Life isn’t about making duct tape wallets. It’s for living, even when fabric rips, phone mounts fail and luggage isn’t lugging anymore. The 1” version of a new classic fits in pocket, pack or car console.

Our Experience:  From untethered bike handlebar tape to torn tent pole sleeves, we’ve saved our own bacon regularly with this one. While offered in a wider version, the narrow option suits more applications and avoids having to split the high-adhesion tape. 

Our Epiphany:  At a hard-core survival school in Appalachia, Gorilla Tape was the only material in our pack that started a fire easily in wet conditions; simply unwind this black magic and create a wadded-up ball placed under bigger tinder and small kindling.

Our Recommendation: Three rolls for starters; one for home, one for luggage and one to give to a friend.  Get it: 1’’ Gorilla Tape Roll

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