Gyms Online: Is GoRecess the OpenTable of Fitness?

New website can help you change up your routine at home—or maintain it on the road

In an ideal world, your legs would burn from hiking to the summit, your arms would scream as you crushed on the rock wall, and you’d push it while pedaling the countryside—no gym required. But for the vast majority of us, sweating it out inside four walls is an evil we’re willing to endure until the next time we can huff and puff in the fresh air.

But getting yourself to the gym isn’t always easy—and that’s where comes in. Describing itself as the Open Table of exercise, GoRecess is a free service that allows you to find fitness classes wherever you are—and then book a spot directly from the site. There’s no booking fee or membership required—and after getting back home, users can log on to rate the quality of their session. Workouts range from yoga and pilates to strength training and martial arts, so thre's a good chance to find something to fit your fitness needs.

So whether you’re traveling in the U.S., want to spice up your regular routine or just can’t commit to a single gym, GoRecess can help you make sure that when you finally do get outside, you won’t be left in the dust.