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CamKix LUDSW GoPro Bobber


Take your GoPro for a swim and let it float while you explore. Let it capture an underwater scene while it floats, or use the floating device as a hand grip or stand. The bright color will keep it visible so you won’t lose your camera out on a scuba dive .
Buy it on Amazon for $14.99

GoPro Chesty Chest Harness


Great for skiing, biking, water sports, or really any activity, the GoPro Chest Chest Harness can capture an ultra immersive perspective. It’s fully adjustable, and even comes in kids size.
Buy it on GoPro for $39.99

Fat Gecko Kaboom


Take the shots that seem unreachable with the Fat Gecko Kaboom. Attach to your helmet or use its customizable length to reach from 20” to 60”. Get the angles and perspectives you want from your GoPro.
Buy it on Amazon for $87.44

GoPro Fetch


Spend a day in Spot’s shoes with the GoPro Fetch dog harness. It has two mounting locations so you can get multiple points-of-view. It ensures your pet’s comfort and is fully adjustable for dogs 15-120 lbs.
Buy it on GoPro for $59.99

GoPro Floaty Backdoor


Recording out on the water can be hassle free with the Floaty Backdoor. It attaches to your GoPro so in case it drops (off your wrist, surfboard, boat, etc) it will float and be easy-to-spot. It also comes with 2 anchors, perfect for water sports.
Buy it on GoPro for $19.99

GoPro Head Strap Mount


The GoPro Head Strap Mount is another inexpensive, terrific way to get the shots you want. The head strap is adjustable to be worn over hear, helmet, or you can even attach the GoPro to a backwards baseball cap.
Buy it on GoPro for $19.99

Joby Gorillapod Magnetic Tripod


For an inexpensive mount anywhere tripod, the Joby Gorillapod is a great option. It’s super strength magnetic feet will stick to most surfaces, and has endless positioning possibilities. Buy it on Amazon for $18.50

K-edge Go Big Pro


Hit the trails and lock your GoPro securely to your handlebars to catch the whole ride. This mount will stay secure through flips, dips, sharp turns, and extra speed. Whether you want to capture a mountain ride, or a race tour, the K-edge Go Big Pro is the perfect bike companion.
Buy it on Amazon for $49.99

DJI Phantom


Take your GoPro to new heights and join the craze that are aerial drones. The Phantom 2 is a remote control drone that has a compact, design perfect for stable flying photography.
Buy it at DJI for $579



This lightweight, durable pole will get you the GoPro footage you’ve always wanted. It extends up to 40” and is completely waterproof. The rubber grip will allow you to film comfortably and it retracts to 17” for compact storage.
Buy it on Amazon for $39.99