Google Maps Adds 100 Ski Areas

Now includes runs and lifts at 225 areas in North America and Europe
Staff Writer

Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana is one of the ski areas newly added to Google Maps

Google Maps announced Monday that it added trail maps for another 100 ski resorts in the U.S. and Canada. The new locations cover some major resorts, including Timberline Lodge and Ski Area in Oregon, Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana and Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico.

Ski runs on Google Maps are shown in blue, green and black to represent the difficulty of the terrain. Ski lifts appear as red dotted lines.

Google Maps released the first batch of charted ski runs in November 2012. The 90 original resorts were in the United States, Europe and Canada. As of the most recent installment, the company has charted 225 different ski resorts across Europe and North America. 

Via Tech Crunch.

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