Snow Fashion and Gear that Won’t Break the Bank

This online company can help you heat up the slopes with the latest fashion

From packing to unpacking and toting luggage around the whole time, we can all agree, taking our clothing and belongings is the worst part of any trip. Ski trips with the extra gear—don’t even get us started.

Luckily there is a solution to the endless hauling of gear, it’s called GetOutfitted. It’s an online platform that rents high-end ski clothing and gear and it’s incredibly easy.

How It Works

When you need to rent some clothing or gear for an upcoming trip, you head to their website. They have two options—either select a packaged outfit or simply pick and choose what you need. GetOutfitted has everything from jackets and pants to gloves and GoPros and they’ve even started renting skis and snowboards.

Once you select your clothing, dates and drop-off location (they’ll deliver it right to the mountain), you’re all set. The package will arrive before you do and both shipping and return shipping is included. Enjoy your time on the slopes and when you’re done just slip the gear in the included return shipping bag and leave it at the front desk of your hotel.

Why It’s Great

In addition to the simplicity and ease of the process, GetOutfitted is a great choice for those who don’t ski often enough to justify buying their own gear or for parents who don’t want to buy clothing for rapidly growing kids. Ski gear and clothing is expensive and for many people it doesn’t make sense to spend so much for an activity they don’t do often.

Even long-time skiers and boarders can appreciate not having to lug all their gear and saving on checked baggage fees. The clothing and equipment is all top-of-the-line and business is booming, they say they’re planning on eventually expanding into gear for other sports.