Get In Shape Again: Tips for Getting Your Workout Routine Back on Track

Two industry experts share advice for reestablishing your fitness routine

So, you haven’t worked out in a while and you’re starting to feel out of shape.

No doubt you’re probably feeling disheartened and maybe even a little disappointed in yourself. But there’s no need to let negative emotions steer your actions, because with a smart approach, getting back on track can actually be pretty painless.

Life got in the way and you fell away from your fitness routine; it’s no big deal. Many of us have been there before (maybe especially around the holidays), but as long as you’re aware of what’s happened and are ready to head in the right direction again you’ve got nothing to worry about.   

To find out exactly what steps you need to take to successfully reset your fitness regimen, we asked two fitness experts, Matt Powell, founder of the Pramek training system and Rachael Parker, a certified Fitness Instructor and Activeism Specialist, to share their best advice.

From setting new goals and taking each day one step at a time, together they shared the following ten tips.

Identify why you fell off track in the first place.

“Really look at what happened,” says Powell. “Was it the time commitment? Were you too sore too often? Did something happen in your life that cut into your time? Figure out the 'excuse' you gave yourself every day and make note of it.” Identifying what your biggest obstacle was in the past will be the first and most important step to overcoming it this time around. 

Make a small lifestyle change.

After you figure out why it was you stopped in the first place, Powell suggests making a small habit change around that particular part of your routine. “Sometimes one change, like getting up early or adjusting your workout so you won’t be too sore afterwards, can help you eliminate potential excuses,” he said.

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