Football Fit: 12 Exercises that the Pros Use

Use these moves to build pro-level strength, speed, power, and agility

Running, tackling, blocking, kicking, and catching are all part of a football player’s job description. Essentially, it’s a total-body sport, so pro players need to make sure they are total-body fit.

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Together as a team the goal is to score touchdowns and win the game, but as individuals each player requires a unique skill set specific to the duties of his position. Which is why it's no surprise that a tight end like Marcedes Lewis has a workout regimen that differs greatly from a quarterback’s like Tim Tebow.

The following 12 exercises, designed to build endurance, speed, strength, power, and agility are all pro football player approved. They are advanced moves though, so be sure to build a solid fitness base before adding any to your routine. If you're ever unsure about an exercise, always consult a personal trainer. For most of these exercises it's a good idea to workout with a buddy or a PT who can assist and spot you. A football player would be the first to remind you, injury prevention is the most important aspect of any exercise routine.