Get the Gear! Funky, Featherweight Sleeping Pad

Gear Deal of the Day on Klymit Inertia X-Frame

I can't tell you how many times I've gone camping or backpacking with novices who didn't bring along a sleeping pad and—go figure—spent the night tossing and turning. "The ground is harder than it looks," I tell them beforehand, "and sleeping bags offer less padding than you'd think." Yet it still happens that I have grumps cramping my camping, because sleeping pads cost money and, especially if you're rocking a more conventional pad, tend to take up a crapload of room in your pack.

The Jetsons-era Klymit Inertia X Frame is one funky-looking, technology-packed pad that solves the size problem and, now that it's on sale, the money problem, too. With all of those holes in it, you'd think this 1.5-inch pad wouldn't be all that comfortable. But Klymit calls the design "body-mapping," which means it cushions only the body parts that typically touch the ground when you lie flat—head, shoulders, hips, calves and feet. And, based on reviews from trusted sources like GearJunkie, Backpacker and Utah Outside, it works like a charm.

Less material means it's lighter weight, at just over nine ounces, and packs down to nearly the size of a soda can. Unlike other sleeping pads, it's super fast to inflate, requiring only five to 10 big breaths (Klymit includes a hand-pump for filling beyond what your lungs can handle, if you feel you need it). Or, if you need more insulation for cold weather campouts, you can fill it with one of Klymit's argon cartridges.

Belying its looks, the Inertia X Frame is pretty rugged, using 75 denier ripstop across the bottom and 30 denier on top. It should hold up for the long run—or, should I say, the long hike. Maybe it's time I snagged one for my hiking buddies.

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