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Deal of the Day on GoLite's spring line

Direct-to-consumer brands usually call to mind images of either door-to-door salesmen peddling vacuums or the Avon and Mary Kay makeup parties mom held during my youth. Suffice it to say, neither impressed me much. But it turns out, going direct to consumer can be a great thing—or so says GoLite, the much-acclaimed industry leader in ulralight apparel, tents, sleeping bags and backpacks, which recently made the switch to this business model. To spell it out, this means that GoLite products will now be available exclusively online or at their own stores (seven of which arein Colorado, with four scattered around the remainder of the U.S.).

With their new strategy, the company has made some of pretty awesome claims—the two best being that they'll cut down their environmental impact (less unnecessary shipping) and that prices will be lower. (What’s that you say? Prove it?)

Well, consider this your proof: To kick things off, GoLite is now offering their entire 2012 spring line at 50% off. And even better, when we asked their reps how long this promotion might last, they replied that it could be a permanent new pricing structure, and to stay tuned for more details. (I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.)

Now, if you’re thinking that slashing prices that much means that their gear is subpar, let’s remember that GoLite isn’t some podunk retailer. Not only do their products consistently win awards from industry-leading magazines, but they’re also renowned ultrahiker Andrew Skurka’s primary sponsor. If it’s good enough for Skurka, it’s good enough for us.

To kick off your shopping spree, I’ll make a suggestion: check out the Backcountry-Ultralite Jam 50L Pack. Not only was it just named Backpacker Magazine’s Best All-Around Ultralight Pack, but it weighs in at just 1 pound and is currently selling for $79.99 (normally $160). Or, check out the GoLite Adrenaline 20, which we featured on Get the Gear! earlier this week. Or, heck, just check out the whole spring line. At these prices, where can you go wrong?

Sale Price: 50% off. Everything.

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