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We all use stuff in our respective sports. Some of it is shiny and exciting to hold—your first real, feather-light racing bike (which you actually can hold in one hand) or a sturdy, bird-shaped ice axe that’ll keep you on the cliff. Some of it isn’t sexy at all, but you need it all the same: A simple surfing leash keeps your board close at-hand; Lubricants like Bodyglide and Chamois Butt'r magically make neoprene and Lycra comfortable (ish, anyway). Some gear—like the right sleeping pad or a monsoon-proof dry bag—can make the difference between an okay trip and a great trip. Or, in the case of avalanche beacons and first aid kits, the difference between life and death.

The bottom line is that you’re going to need to get gear. And we want you to get the best gear at the lowest prices that are fair and reasonable. So we’ve taken the honor/liberty/burden of combing the web to bring you the best deals out there, which we’ll feature in our regular “Get the Gear” column. We hope you enjoy getting dirtbag deals on the professionals’ tools.

Here are the latest deals (in descending order) to get you started saving:

50% off—Spy Optic Quanta Sunglasses



50% off—GoLite Jam 50L Pack (and entire spring collection)



20% off—Icebreaker Superfine 150 Tech Lite Shirt



65% off—Giro Prolight Cycling Helmet



59% off—GoLite Adrenaline 20 Women's Sleeping Bag



91% off—Dynastar Exclusive Legend Powder Skis




While we’re on the topic, and to keep things in perspective, check out this Portlandia skit, which is quite possibly the best and most succinct tongue-in-cheek look at the outdoor gear industry we’ve ever seen:

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