Get Fit for Summer: 2014 Exercise Guide

Shape up for summer; beach weather will be here before you know it

It’s that time of year again; the transition from winter to spring is right around the corner and you’re more than ready to embrace warm, sunny spring and summer weather.

You’re dreaming of spending more time outside, getting back into your favorite seasonal sports, and maybe even weekend trips to the beach. Since summertime usually involves more movement and let’s face it, less clothes, you’re current level of fitness is probably on your mind too.

Maybe you’re aiming to increase the intensity of your already consistent exercise routine or maybe you’re hoping to strike up a habit so you can get ready to better enjoy the summertime weather. Either way, getting in shape for summer is an excellent way to motivate your fitness goals, no matter where your starting point may be.

With about 12 or so weeks until the first official day of summer, right now is the time to start working away. After all, change takes time. Creating new habits and improving your fitness will require several weeks of hard work and most importantly, persistent dedication.

Whatever your objective, below you’ll find everything you need to fuel your summer fitness aspirations. Just remember: aim to make health and fitness a long-term habit, not just a seasonal impulse that you only re-visit every time the weather starts to get nice.

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