Get Fit On-the-Go: Holiday Travel Workout Game

Turn traumatic gridlock into a fun sweat session

'Tis the season ... for gridlock traffic, flight delays and touchy-feely TSA agents!

But whether you're flying, driving or stranded Home Alone fending off a Joe Pesci-like Burglar, we've got your back!

Transform your traumatic trip into something fun with our Holiday Travel Workout Game brought to you by Basis, the world's most advanced health tracker.

Basis uses multiple sensors to capture metrics like calories burned, activity duration and heart rate. It even automagically figures out if you're walking, biking or running. Shazam!

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Holiday Travel Workout Game

Basis Health Tracker; $30 OFF through 12/24; BUY HERE

For more fun workout games try the BSC NFL Workout Game or the BSC Walking Dead TV Show Workout Game.

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