7 Ways to Keep Your Sneakers Stink-Free

Before you decide to toss your sneakers in the trash, check out some ways to keep them stink-free

You just got back from a run, or a long day outdoors, you finally get home and take off your sneakers but when you do you smell an awful stench. You are not alone, many people experience sneaker odor.

One of the main causes of smelly sneakers is due to sweaty feet (See: Why Do I Sweat More Than Everyone Else?!); bacteria’s develop and cling to the feet, which then seep into socks and sneakers causing sneaker odor. Once the bacterium has found its way into your sneakers, the stench is likely to linger.

The good news is, you can get rid of this smelly odor. So before you decide to toss your sneakers in the trash, check out some ways to keep them stink-free.


1. Wear socks- Wear socks and wash them with bleach to keep them bacteria free. Try sports socks with ventilation panels, they help keep feet from sweating.

2. Air them out- After wearing your sneakers, put them outside or in a heated area where they can dry faster. Keeping your sneakers dry will help prevent a buildup of bacteria which in turn causes odor. Try putting a dryer sheet in your sneaker for a fresh scent.

3. Rubbing alcohol- If you can’t wash your sneakers, take a cotton ball and simply wipe them down with rubbing alcohol. This will help eliminate any smelly odors.

4. Wash your feet everyday- Wash your feet with anti-bacterial soap and especially before putting on your sneakers. Tip: Make sure you dry your feet off before putting your socks on.

5. Use baking soda- Put some baking soda in your sneakers and let it absorb over night to reduce the odor. Make sure you dump out the powder the next day to avoid getting it all over your socks.

6. Put your sneakers in the freezer- I know it sounds crazy, but it actually works. Freezing your sneakers kill odor-producing bacteria. Just take your sneakers, place them in a plastic bag and let them sit in your freezer overnight.

7. Buy a new pair of insoles- Check your insoles; have you had your sneakers for a while now? It may be time to replace them. A fresh pair of insoles may be just what you need for a stink-free sneaker.


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